Bring your ideas to life with Canva

Turn your ideas into designs: Create anything with Canva's AI-powered tools, from Presentations to Docs to Videos and more. All the power of AI. All in one place.

Bring your ideas to life with Canva

A magical place to design anything

Canva is your all-in-one graphic design tool to create beautiful designs fast, with the power of AI. Access easy AI design tools and apps to create just about anything and collaborate with everyone. It's designing made easy, for every user.

Create anything effortlessly

Create anything effortlessly

Design powerful visual content for any purpose. Start with a stunning template or supercharge your design process with AI tools.

Collaborate seamlessly

Collaborate seamlessly

Get everyone designing together. With Canva Pro or Canva Teams, unlock the Brand Kit and other collaborative features that make team projects a breeze.

Amazing features and apps

Amazing features and apps

Millions of graphics and stock media and editing tools at your fingertips, plus AI apps to make designing even quicker and easier.

Publish in many ways

Publish in many ways

Take your design online or offline. Easily download, share your designs with your online community, or bring them to life via Canva Print.

Kickstart the creative process with Magic Studio™

Kickstart the creative process with Magic Studio™

Instant designs for every idea

Describe your idea and watch Magic Design™ generate a social post, Presentation, or even a Video using AI!

Fast-forward your video editing

Pick your clips and images and watch as Magic Design for Video turns your content into short, shareable videos with music.

Create captivating slides in seconds

Type your idea in a few words and watch as a Presentation fills with your topic, outline, and content with Magic Design for Presentations.

Perfect your photos with ease

Perfect your photos with ease

Quick, easy photo editing in one toolkit

Achieve the perfect image with Canva's photo editor. Upload your image and start editing right away in Canva's AI-powered graphic design software.

Edit like magic with handy AI helpers

Make complex edits simple with our AI photo editing tools. Add, replace, remove, expand, or separate photo elements in a snap.

Transform from picture to picturesque

Get the right look with our crop tools, filters and effects, and adjustments for white balance, lighting, color, and texture.

An effortless design process from start to finish

An effortless design process from start to finish

All you need in a video editor and more

Use our online video editor to trim, crop, merge, and split videos. Find your groove and auto-match music to clips with Beat Sync.

Wow viewers with movie magic

Create cinematic twists with AI video editing. Turn text to video or image with Magic Media and keep it action-packed with Magic Animate.

Instantly reformat any design for multiple platforms

Magic Switch™ instantly reformats your video into many different sizes so that you can create multichannel campaigns in seconds.

Collaborate in real-time with your team

Collaborate in real-time with your team

One platform for all your design needs

Design and work on Docs, presentations, whiteboards, social posts, and websites together. Plus, convert designs in a few clicks.

Collaborate without a hitch

Tag teammates on to-dos, keep track of each other's inputs with real-time cursors, and leave comments to keep everyone on the same page.

Always stay on brand

With Canva Teams, you can keep logos, color palettes, fonts, brand imagery, and other brand identity elements under one Brand Kit.

Design and print seamlessly

Design and print seamlessly

Design personalized gifts for everyone

Make loved ones feel special with personalized gifts made just for them. Design their new favorite sweatshirt, mug, water bottle, and more.

Build brand love with print marketing

Shift your marketing into high gear by designing and printing promotional products like flyers, banners, stickers, posters, and epic merch.

Enjoy planet-friendly printing

Under our One Print, One Tree initiative, we plant a tree for every print order placed. It's a simple idea with a big impact.

How to design with Canva

How to design with Canva

Open Canva or launch our mobile app to start a design.

Use Magic Design™ to instantly generate beautiful designs from your uploaded media. Or choose a customizable template from our premade designs for photos, videos, social media, and more.

Have fun with our AI design tools as you edit your photo, video, slides, or any project. Explore fonts, colors, and millions of graphics and stock media to bring out the best in your design.

Create the best design with your team. Invite them to collaborate on your project, so everyone can use AI design tools and add their brand of magic to the design.

Done designing? Download it in high-resolution or share it online. If you want professional-quality, eco-friendly printouts of your design, order from the editor using Canva Print.

Frequently asked questions

Design is a practice that focuses on "the interaction between a person — a 'user' — and the man-made environment, taking into account aesthetic, functional, contextual, cultural, and societal considerations," says the International Council of Design. Different disciplines of design include graphic design, web design, interior design, and fashion design.

Design is often confused with art, but unlike the latter, design is always user-centric and functional. In other words, designers design with the intention of solving a problem.

Designing is fun and easy with Canva. Try creating a design today!

With Canva, you can design, share, and print a wide variety of creative assets and visual content, like:

  • Marketing materials like logos, posters, flyers, social media posts, websites, and stickers
  • Print materials like business cards, invitations, postcards, mugs, T-shirts, hoodies, calendars, and labels
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Docs
  • Presentations
  • Graphs, charts, and diagrams

Designing with Canva is free. Anyone can sign up and access our simple drag-and-drop editor, thousands of free templates, more than a million free photos and graphics, and more without spending a dime.

However, if you upgrade to a Canva Pro account or sign up for Canva Teams, you get all of this plus access to premium content, more AI design tools, Brand Kits, and more.

Yes you can, as long as it counts as a Permitted Use under our Content License Agreement (see section 5). The design should also be your own creation. It's never OK to sell Canva Content on a standalone basis, like putting one of our template designs on a T-shirt and selling it as-is, for example.

You can legally sell your original design on printed merchandise like T-shirts, posters, stickers, tote bags, and the like. You can also design and sell certain digital products like e-books and magazines, or create designs for your clients (e.g., a social media post) and transfer the rights to them (see section 4A of our License).

For commercial and other legal uses of designs, images, videos, and more created with AI products within Canva, make sure to follow our terms.

This depends on the content of your AI design. Generally speaking, if you create an original design, you also hold its copyright. But your ownership will be subject to third-party rights when you use third-party content, like stock images or videos from Canva's media library.

Canva gives you non-exclusive licenses to use various elements in your designs, including photos, graphics, videos, fonts, and music.

Our values define how we build our products, treat our community, and impact the world. We want to ensure our community feels safe when creating and interacting with content on our platform.

To ensure our community can enjoy AI products within Canva safely and responsibly, we've put various measures in place, including automated reviews of input prompts for terms that might generate inappropriate content. Users can report unsafe content here, and we also encourage you to get in touch with our support team to provide feedback at any time.

We won't tolerate any use of Magic Studio™ products that violates our Terms and Acceptable Use Policy.

Canva can be used in most web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and other Chromium-based browsers. It can also be downloaded as a desktop or mobile app on your Android, iOS, and Windows devices. We recommend updating them to their latest versions to ensure a smooth design creation experience.

Create magical designs with Canva

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Create magical designs with Canva
Create magical designs with Canva